how to create a P&L statement

How to create a P&L statement

Keeping track of your finances is essential for any business, large and small. This is particularly vital for small companies, where individual sales and expenses can make far more of an impact on their profits and losses than they would in huge enterprise businesses.

One of the forms of reporting and documentation that should be top of your list of priorities is your profit and loss statement – also referred to as a P&L.

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small business bookkeeping made simple - help has arrived with Geekbooks header image

Small Business Bookkeeping Made Simple

Small business bookkeeping is the cornerstone of any successful business.

While you might be adept at customer service and have the right products at hand, it’s important not to neglect your accounts.

Sure, the thought of poring over each and every transaction might seem underwhelming, but a basic understanding of bookkeeping for small businesses could help to revolutionise your company, reduce tax bills and penalties.

It could also help you make more out of your existing finances.

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Accounting for startups

Accounting for Start-ups: Your complete guide

It can be a challenge for many start-up businesses to juggle all the hats you have to wear. From payroll to operations, management to sales.

Keeping on-track with every element of your business can be a struggle even for the most accomplished of individuals. One way to relieve the pressure and keep your company on an even keel from the start is to look at accounting for start-ups.

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5 Reasons your startup needs a bookkeeper - small business advice

5 reasons your startup needs a bookkeeper

With COVID-19 impacting almost every aspect of business, it’s more important than ever to get your finances in order. This is especially vital when your startup transitions from an idea to a viable company. Many startup owners feel they don’t want or need to hire an accountant. However, outsourcing your financial concerns to a bookkeeper frees you up to focus on your business. Here are five key benefits of hiring a bookkeeper.

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