Construction Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Construction Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

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    Construction Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

    Managing a construction company is no walk in the park. You not only have to constantly monitor your workers and contact contractors, but you also need to make sure that the books are accurate. So why not reduce the burden by hiring professional construction bookkeeping experts? Geek Books offers the best services for construction companies that need help with bookkeeping. We have helped numerous Australian construction businesses for many years.

    We offer a wide range of bookkeeping services for any business in the construction industry. Construction bookkeeping services include:

    Financial Records

    Keeping financial records updated.

    Paid on time

    Helping you to submit your BAS and pay tax on time.

    Record Organizaton

    Organizing all records in a personalized manner.

    Manage Payrolls

    Making it easier for you to manage payrolls for your workers.

    Clear Idea

    Providing a business with a clear idea of the financial situation at hand.


    Providing invoices on time, so that you get paid immediately.

    Handle Taxes

    Making it easy for a business to handle taxes on a yearly basis.

    Yearly Audit

    Providing a yearly audit so you know where you stand financially.


    Helping you to allocate resources so that you are prepared for the end of the year.

    Our Team

    Working with our team comes with so many benefits. Enjoy amazing services at an affordable price. We are an advisory board that provides bookkeeping for construction businesses. We offer constant support so you are always up to date with financial matters in your business.

    Outsource A Specialist

    Outsource a specialist to work on your financial records. We will make sure that you meet all the legal requirements demanded of all construction companies. That way you can prevent any penalty fees by the ATO. Stay on top of any issues with a network of experts dedicated to helping you settle your books.

    Focus on the main task and leave the work to a professional provider!


    Geekbooks has helped

    Thanks to the team at Geekbooks, I can now finally focus my attention on working on my business, not in my business. From managing invoices to chasing up outstanding payments, Geekbooks has helped me so much. They are friendly, easy to work with and just make it happen. Thanks guys.


    Director of Coding Cave

    True Professionals

    I recommend Geekbooks as true professionals whom have the experience to handle any situation from the simplest bookkeeping to preparing books for accountants use or auditing. Since engaging with Geekbooks they have helped my business grow and taken the pressure off me so I have more time to run my business as I should be. I have the utmost confidence in referring clients to Geekbooks.


    Windsor NSW

    Managing the Books

    We have been using Geekbooks bookkeeping services since the end of 2017. They have really taken the stress out of managing the books, as no request is too small or too big. They are quick, efficient and professional and my business would not be in the position it is in now if I didn’t have them backing me every single step of the way. Weekly payroll is now a stress free day for me as all I need to do is send a report of hours worked for employees and they calculate the rest. Never been so stress and hassle free in my life since when I signed up with Geekbooks.

    Prakash Automotive Services

    Milperra NSW

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