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    Refund Policy

    How do Refunds at GeekBooks work?

    In the unlikely event that ‘you’ (the customer) experience a major problem in our service or services provided to you or a minor problem in our service or services provided to you that cannot be fixed within a reasonable time, GeekBooks will offer you a full refund for all the applicable amounts (this refund will only be paid for a service or services provided not as expected).

    Can you cancel a GeekBooks package contract?

    If you sign up to GeekBooks you may do so in the form of a contract for either one month, six months of twelve months. In the unlikely event that GeekBooks provides the services stipulated in this contract with a lower level of care than required, as long as you give us an opportunity to rectify any possible errors, you may cancel your contract. If you do cancel your contract any and all goods provided to you by GeekBooks are to be returned to GeekBooks. If your contract is cancelled GeekBooks will refund you all amounts for the services provided not as expected or for services not yet provided.

    What are the services you cannot cancel?

    At GeekBooks we are experts in the bookkeeping field and are familiar with the rules and regulations that govern bookkeeping, in saying this you cannot simply cancel your contract if you insist on having your services provided in a particular manner which is not compliant with the accepted principles, or because you have changed your mind or because you have been mistaken in providing your needs to GeekBooks.

    At GeekBooks we are happy to assist you in deciding a contract to ensure there is never any need for you to want to cancel your contact.

    How will GeekBooks pay your refund?

    GeekBooks uses either bank transfers or credit card refunds to process all eligible refunds.

    Can GeekBooks change this Refund Policy?

    GeekBooks reserves the right to alter, add, remove or otherwise, provisions, parts or sections of this Refund Policy at its discretion. It further reserves the right to alter this Refund Policy against any Customer that may be reasonably deemed to be ‘abusing’ – in its normal meaning, this Refund Policy. The Customer has and will continue to have the responsibility of checking this website systematically, regularly or otherwise for any changes to this Refund Policy.

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