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    Accounting & Payroll Setup and Training Australia

    Regardless of profession, we can all agree that using the right tool for the job is crucial for the best results. For chefs, it’s knives; for painters, it’s brushes. And for accountants and bookkeepers, it’s accounting software.

    At GeekBooks, we firmly believe that industry-leading accounting software like XERO and MYOB has the power to revolutionise the way businesses manage their finances by increasing efficiency and optimising cost-effectiveness.

    But what if you’re new to the accounting software game?

    Never fear- GeekBooks is here! We provide complete setup and accounting training services for all kinds of software.

    Unlike typical generic online video courses, our experts provide customised human-to-human coaching and support so you’re ready to tackle in-house accounting in no time.

    Our team of highly experienced accountants and finance professionals will help you get the most out of your accounting and payroll setup so that you can focus on growing your business.

    Whether it’s transitioning and setting up a new account, in-depth finance and accounting training for you and your team or providing customised solutions, we’re with you every step of the way on your software journey!

    Small Business Accounting and Payroll Setup

    Using accounting and payroll software can feel daunting if you’re a small business owner unfamiliar with them. That’s where we come in with our straightforward, stress-free accounting and payroll software setup services.

    To better understand our payroll and accounting training process, let’s break it down into five simple steps.

    Small Business Accounting and Payroll Setup

    Using accounting and payroll software can feel daunting if you’re a small business owner unfamiliar with them. That’s where we come in with our straightforward, stress-free accounting and payroll software setup services.

    To better understand our payroll and accounting training process, let’s break it down into five simple steps.

    Step 1: Initial Consultation

    We begin our journey together with an initial consultation. During this conversation, we aim to understand your business’s needs, operations, and financial goals. This information includes your number of employees, pay schedules, benefits, deductions, and other relevant business specifications.

    As every business is unique, so is our approach to managing its accounting and payroll.

    Step 2: Software Selection

    We will recommend the most suitable accounting software that aligns best with your business operations. Such software includes XERO, MYOB, and others. Our recommendations are completely unbiased and purely based on what we believe will best suit your business‘s needs.

    Step 3: Setting Up the System

    After you decide to proceed with our software suggestion, our specialists will set it up specifically tailored to your business.

    Such setup involves configuring your

    • General ledger
    • Payroll schedules
    • Tax details
    • Benefit structures
    • Accounts payable
    • Accounts receivable

    We’ll also migrate any existing data to your new system, ensuring your financial history remains easily accessible and intact.

    Step 4: Hands-On Training

    We won’t just leave you with your new software; we’ll make sure you’re comfortable using it. We’ll provide hands-on finance and accounting training for you and your team to guide you through the various features and functions of the software.

    Whether generating your first invoice, creating pay runs, issuing payslips, or managing leave and benefits, we’ll help you get the hang of using your new software.

    Step 5: Ongoing Support

    At GeekBooks, our relationship with you doesn’t end after software setup and training. We provide ongoing support, answering any queries you might have and assisting with any potential software updates.

    Changes in your business, such as expansion, restructuring, or regulatory requirement shifts, may require software configuration adjustments to meet your evolving needs effectively. Of course, we’ll help with this too!

    Setting up an accounting system for your small business doesn’t need to be complex. With GeekBooks, you’ll have a reliable partner by your side from go to woe!


    XERO and MYOB Training


    At GeekBooks, we’ve designed our XERO and MYOB finance and accounting training to help you get the most out of your software. So you won’t just learn the basics- we’ll teach you how to use the software correctly and efficiently.

    We’ll customise our accounting software training plan to align with your particular business requirements, focusing on a comfortable learning pace.

    Our training program starts with a comprehensive introduction to XERO or MYOB- whatever software we’ve chosen together. This introduction will get you familiar with the software’s overall capabilities.

    The interactive and hands-on training sessions will help you learn more efficiently and better understand the concepts and skills being taught.

    What will you learn?


    How to

    The knowledge you acquire in our accounting software training sessions is practical and directly applicable, simulating real-world business scenarios.

    We’ll introduce more advanced features once you gain confidence in the basics. These include inventory management, budgeting, and generating insightful financial reports. Mastering these skills will empower you to make informed business decisions later on.

    Upon completing our training program, you’ll understand how to use the software effectively, including handling everyday transactions, managing invoices, overseeing payroll, and gaining insights into your business’s financial health through various reports.

    We’ll also be there for post-training assistance, ready to navigate any challenges as you apply your new skills in running your business.


    General Finance and Accounting Using MYOB & XERO

    Regardless of the software you choose, the concept of accounting remains the same. It’s all about tracking and managing your income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.

    So if you’re currently using accounting software other than MYOB or XERO, there’s no need to worry. Our team at GeekBooks is well-equipped to help with whatever software you use.

    With our expert guidance and support, together, we’ll navigate any accounting software to keep your finances on track. Our vast experience in the accounting and bookkeeping industry means you can be confident in receiving quality customer service and personalised solutions tailored to suit your business’s unique needs.

    Get Set Up and Guided for Accounting Today!

    Are you feeling a little lost in the world of accounting software?

    Our team of accounting experts are dedicated to helping set you up and guide you through the accounting software process.

    We offer a range of other accounting and bookkeeping services to streamline your business finances, including bank transactions and reconciliations, BAS preparation, and superannuation accounting services.

    Trust GeekBooks to help you stay on top of your finance and accounting game.

    With our user-friendly approach and personalised support, you’ll soon feel confident and in control of your finances. Say goodbye to the frustration of navigating spreadsheets and complex tax laws and hello to stress-free accounting!

    To get the most out of your accounting software and for all your other business accounting and bookkeeping needs, complete our online booking form or call 02 9158 3591 for a free quote.


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    Thanks to the team at Geekbooks, I can now finally focus my attention on working on my business, not in my business. From managing invoices to chasing up outstanding payments, Geekbooks has helped me so much. They are friendly, easy to work with and just make it happen. Thanks guys.


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    True Professionals

    I recommend Geekbooks as true professionals whom have the experience to handle any situation from the simplest bookkeeping to preparing books for accountants use or auditing. Since engaging with Geekbooks they have helped my business grow and taken the pressure off me so I have more time to run my business as I should be. I have the utmost confidence in referring clients to Geekbooks.


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    Managing the Books

    We have been using Geekbooks bookkeeping services since the end of 2017. They have really taken the stress out of managing the books, as no request is too small or too big. They are quick, efficient and professional and my business would not be in the position it is in now if I didn’t have them backing me every single step of the way. Weekly payroll is now a stress free day for me as all I need to do is send a report of hours worked for employees and they calculate the rest. Never been so stress and hassle free in my life since when I signed up with Geekbooks.

    Prakash Automotive Services

    Milperra NSW

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