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Many companies are discovering that a virtual accountant offers significant advantages over hiring a real-life bookkeeper

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    Payroll Outsourcing Australia

    Managing your company’s payroll is like juggling on a tightrope. Not only do you have to keep the balls of employees’ hours, salaries, and payments in the air, but you also have to balance on the wire of tax compliance and workplace regulations without losing your footing!

    In today’s fast-paced business environment, correctly handling payroll is no small feat, especially when you’re already swamped with other responsibilities.

    This is where we come in. Here at GeekBooks, we provide cost-effective, efficient, and reliable payroll outsourcing in Australia. Our team of experts handles everything from employee payments to tax obligations.

    The unique selling point of GeekBooks is our commitment to personalised, client-focused service. We understand that no two businesses are the same, so we customise our approach to fit your needs.

    Outsourcing payroll isn’t just about doing the math correctly; it’s about finding a trusted partner who genuinely understands your business and strives to help it succeed.

    Let GeekBooks become that partner to your business. With us doing the heavy lifting of payroll, you’ll have more time and peace of mind to focus on your core business operations.

    Virtual Payroll Services

    In our interconnected, digital world, distance should never be a barrier to accessing high-quality payroll service providers.

    At GeekBooks, we proudly offer virtual payroll services to businesses across Australia. So whether you’re in a bustling big city or a small remote town, we’re here to help!

    What do we provide through our virtual payroll services in Australia?

    We leverage the latest technology for seamless communication, accurate data processing, and secure information exchange. Regardless of where your business is, you can expect the same high level of service that all our clients enjoy.

    We’ll get to know your business so we can provide tailored payroll solutions, just like a traditional in-person accountant. But doing this remotely will save you time and the need for physical meetings.

    We prioritise transparency and regular communication because we understand that outsourcing your payroll requires a lot of trust. So you’ll have direct access to your dedicated payroll team member- they’ll always be just a call or email away.

    We provide secure online access to your payroll records, allowing you to view reports, make changes, and track everything in real time. This way, you’ll always be in the loop about your business’s payroll status.

    With GeekBooks, distance is not an obstacle; it’s an opportunity for efficiency and innovation. Wherever your business might be, we’re committed to making payroll outsourcing in Australia work effortlessly for all business owners.

    Embrace the power of a virtual payroll service provider with GeekBooks, and experience convenience and professionalism like never before.

    GeekBooks is not just another payroll company- we’re an established leader in the Australian market.

    We’ve delivered premium payroll services to thousands of satisfied clients across the country for many years, cementing our status as a premier payroll company in Australia.

    We handle payroll for businesses of all sizes and across various industries, such as

    • Construction
    • Creative and web agencies
    • Hospitality
    • IT
    • Manufacturing
    • Medical
    • Non-profit
    • Retail
    • Self-improvement
    • Trade
    • Transport and logistics

    Our experience working with clients in these industries has equipped us with the expertise to navigate payroll complexities and devise tailored strategies.

    This customer-focused approach is what sets us apart. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients. We’re not just your service provider but a partner committed to supporting your business growth.

    One of the ways we show this commitment is through our 30-day money-back guarantee. We’re confident in our services’ quality and want you to be too. If you’re unsatisfied with our services within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money- no questions asked! This is more than a guarantee; it reflects our dedication to your peace of mind and business success.

    When considering payroll companies in Australia, choose GeekBooks to experience the difference a premier payroll company can make.

    Payroll Solutions for Any Sized Business

    No matter the size of your business, effective payroll management is a necessity.

    At GeekBooks, we understand that each business has unique payroll needs influenced by factors such as its size, industry, and employee structure.

    We've had the privilege of serving various clients, from small businesses to large enterprises across countless industries. This wealth of experience has given us a deep understanding of the distinct payroll challenges businesses of different sizes face and how best to overcome them.

    So whether you’re running a startup with a small team or managing a large corporation with hundreds of employees, we have the expertise and resources to handle your payroll professionally and efficiently.

    For small businesses, we offer streamlined payroll services to help you stay on top of payments and tax obligations without the overheads of hiring a full-time accountant.

    For larger businesses, we’ve designed sophisticated payroll solutions to manage complex wage structures, multiple departments, and varying employee benefits. We’ll seamlessly integrate with your existing HR systems and ensure that your payroll runs smoothly, no matter how large your workforce is.

    Regardless of your company’s size, you’ll receive our full attention and commitment. We take pride in offering a personalised service, taking the time to understand your business needs and goals.

    As a leading payroll service provider in Australia, we believe no business is too big or small to benefit from our tailored payroll services.

    Let Us Help With Your Payroll

    Navigating the complexities of payroll is challenging, but you don't have to do it alone. GeekBooks is the perfect partner to help with your payroll needs.

    We can confidently say that for these reasons:


    Our team of professionals has in-depth knowledge and understanding of payroll management and compliance regulations.

    Custom Solutions

    Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, we’ll devise a tailored payroll strategy that works for your business’s unique needs.

    Virtual Convenience

    Our virtual payroll services allow you to access top-notch payroll solutions, regardless of your business location.

    Customer-Focused Approach

    At GeekBooks, you're not just another client but a valued partner. We're committed to your satisfaction and success, offering a 30-day money-back guarantee.


    As your business grows, your payroll needs will change. We offer scalable payroll solutions that can grow with you so you always have the right level of support.

    What Are the Benefits of Small Business Payroll Outsourcing?

    Outsourcing payroll management to a reliable payroll service provider like GeekBooks brings many benefits, particularly for small businesses

    Assured Compliance

    Our payroll professionals keep up to date with the frequently changing payroll and tax legislation. This ensures they handle your payroll in compliance with ATO regulations, safeguarding your business against fines and penalties.


    We use advanced technology, including secure firewalls, antivirus software, and encryption tools, to secure all employee and payroll data. Our systems are monitored round-the-clock, further reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

    Transparent Operations and Control

    We provide detailed monthly reports outlining everything from individual employee payments to attendance, statutory sick pay, and monthly expenses. That way, you maintain complete visibility and control over all payroll activities.

    Cost Efficiency

    Payroll outsourcing in Australia is a financially smart move. Rather than investing in expensive software or hiring a dedicated employee or accountant, you can have all your payroll tasks taken care of for a small monthly management fee.

    Saves Time

    Payroll processing can be time-intensive, even if you only have a few employees. By outsourcing this responsibility to us, you’ll eliminate hours spent updating payroll information and distributing payslips, particularly during legislative changes. This will free up your time to focus more on growing your business and supporting your customers.

    Minimised Errors

    Payroll errors can lead to various problems, from employees facing financial difficulties due to delayed wages to potential issues with the ATO resulting in costly penalties. Our experts guarantee accurate and timely payroll processing, mitigating these risks and maintaining your company's good reputation.

    So what are you waiting for? Hassle-free payroll management is just a click or phone call away!

    Complete our online booking form or contact us on 02 9158 3591 to learn how GeekBooks can help you simplify payroll today.

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    Geekbooks has helped

    Thanks to the team at Geekbooks, I can now finally focus my attention on working on my business, not in my business. From managing invoices to chasing up outstanding payments, Geekbooks has helped me so much. They are friendly, easy to work with and just make it happen. Thanks guys.


    Director of Coding Cave

    True Professionals

    I recommend Geekbooks as true professionals whom have the experience to handle any situation from the simplest bookkeeping to preparing books for accountants use or auditing. Since engaging with Geekbooks they have helped my business grow and taken the pressure off me so I have more time to run my business as I should be. I have the utmost confidence in referring clients to Geekbooks.


    Windsor NSW

    Managing the Books

    We have been using Geekbooks bookkeeping services since the end of 2017. They have really taken the stress out of managing the books, as no request is too small or too big. They are quick, efficient and professional and my business would not be in the position it is in now if I didn’t have them backing me every single step of the way. Weekly payroll is now a stress free day for me as all I need to do is send a report of hours worked for employees and they calculate the rest. Never been so stress and hassle free in my life since when I signed up with Geekbooks.

    Prakash Automotive Services

    Milperra NSW

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