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Many companies are discovering that a virtual accountant offers significant advantages over hiring a real-life bookkeeper.

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    Accountants in Sydney

    It goes without saying that handling finances is a critical aspect of any business.

    Whether you’ve been managing your books for years or stepping into the world of taxes, payroll, and financial management for the first time, doing it yourself can be intimidating.

    Are you a sole trader or a small or large business owner that calls Sydney home?

    If you’re looking for an accountant in Sydney, look no further!

    With GeekBooks, accounting is easy and pain-free for businesses of all sizes. Our team of experienced accountants in Sydney offers comprehensive services to help with all your financial needs, from compliance to keeping your books updated.

    What sets GeekBooks apart is our commitment to personalised solutions. We understand that your business has unique challenges and objectives, so we shape our services to align seamlessly with your goals.

    By entrusting your financial management to GeekBooks, you empower yourself to focus on what you do best- running and expanding your business.

    Accounting Firm in Sydney

    As an enterprise hub, Sydney is home to countless sole traders and small businesses. According to the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise Ombudsman, there were 591,274 small businesses in Greater Sydney on 30 June 2022, representing 70% of all small businesses in NSW.

    One of the largest sectors of these small businesses is construction. At GeekBooks, we’re proud to be a trusted accounting firm for builders and contractors in Sydney. With our extensive knowledge of the construction industry and years of compliance experience, we’ll provide accounting services tailored to the needs of your construction business.

    Regardless of your industry, with the large number of businesses operating in Sydney, it’s clear that there’s a high demand for accountants in the area.

    That’s why GeekBooks is proud to serve as business accountants in Sydney, offering the highest standard of accounting services.

    Types of Accountants in Sydney

    Sydney's diverse and bustling business landscape necessitates a range of accounting specialists.

    Tax Accountant

    Tax accountants specialise in preparing and submitting tax documents and providing tax-related advice to individuals and businesses. Their expertise is invaluable for ensuring compliance with the ever-changing tax laws and regulations.

    Tax accountants in Sydney can optimise your tax position by providing tailored tax planning and minimisation strategies.

    Business Accountant

    Business accountants are well-versed in managing the broader financial aspects of companies. Their services range from financial reporting and analysis to budgeting and forecasting.

    Business accountants in Sydney are pivotal in helping you understand your business’s financial health so you can make informed decisions and build strategies for growth and expansion.

    Small Business Accountant

    Small business accountants focus specifically on the needs of small to medium-sized enterprises. They are adept at setting up efficient accounting systems, handling payroll, managing cash flow, and preparing financial statements.

    A small business accountant in Sydney can help you navigate financial challenges and capitalise on growth opportunities.

    Forensic Accountant

    Forensic accountants specialise in investigating financial records to uncover fraud, embezzlement, or other financial discrepancies. They often work closely with legal teams in litigation support.

    You can have a forensic accountant review your company’s financial records for discrepancies or provide expert testimony in court if required.

    Management Accountant

    Management accountants focus on providing financial data and analysis to help a business’s management team make strategic business decisions. Their services include cost analysis, budget preparation, and financial planning.

    These accountants are instrumental if you want to optimise your business’s operational efficiency and align its financial strategies with organisational goals.


    Auditors are special accountants who examine financial records to check their accuracy and compliance with statutory requirements. They can be internal (employed by the organisation they are auditing) or external (working independently).

    An auditor’s role is essential for your business to maintain transparency and keep up-to-date with compliance.

    Financial Accountant

    Financial accountants are responsible for preparing financial statements that accurately reflect an organisation’s financial position. They also ensure that these statements comply with relevant accounting standards and regulations.

    A financial accountant can help your business provide clear financial information to shareholders, creditors, and regulatory authorities.

    Insolvency Accountant

    Insolvency accountants handle cases where businesses face major financial problems or bankruptcy. They evaluate the company’s financial position, negotiate with creditors, and may manage the liquidation process if necessary.

    If your business is facing financial challenges, an insolvency accountant is crucial for finding feasible solutions or navigating the insolvency process.

    Understanding your business’s financial requirements will help you choose the right type of accountant.

    Accounting Services We Provide in Sydney

    As trusted business accountants in Sydney, we provide a range of accounting services for businesses of all sizes, including


    Accounts payable

    We manage your bills and expenses efficiently, ensuring payments are made on time to optimise cash flow.


    Accounts receivable and debtor management

    Our services streamline your invoicing process and facilitate fast collections while effectively managing debtor relationships.


    Bank transactions and reconciliation

    We diligently monitor and reconcile your bank transactions to keep your financial records top-notc.


    BAS preparation services

    We prepare and lodge your Business Activity Statements (BAS) to keep compliance with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).


    Email and phone support

    Our trusted team is just a call or an email away for fast and reliable support and to answer all your accounting questions.


    Invoicing services

    We create and manage invoices and maintain a smooth billing process for your business to help you get paid on time by customers.


    Month and year-end accounting reconciliations

    Our comprehensive reconciliations keep your accounts in perfect order and ready for reporting at month and year end.


    Month and year-end financial reporting services

    We compile and present precise, detailed financial reports to offer insights and support strategic decision-making.


    Payroll services

    We take the complexity out of payroll processing, overseeing correct and timely payments for your employees.


    Dext training and support services

    Empower your team with our in-depth training and ongoing support for Dext accounting software.


    Setup and training

    We facilitate the setup of your accounting systems and provide personalised training to get you up and running quickly.


    Superannuation accounting services

    Our specialised services will relieve the stress of managing and complying with your superannuation obligations.


    Virtual accounting

    With cutting-edge technology, we offer seamless and accessible virtual accounting services. This way, you have access to our superior accounting services regardless of your location!

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    Thanks to the team at Geekbooks, I can now finally focus my attention on working on my business, not in my business. From managing invoices to chasing up outstanding payments, Geekbooks has helped me so much. They are friendly, easy to work with and just make it happen. Thanks guys.


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    True Professionals

    I recommend Geekbooks as true professionals whom have the experience to handle any situation from the simplest bookkeeping to preparing books for accountants use or auditing. Since engaging with Geekbooks they have helped my business grow and taken the pressure off me so I have more time to run my business as I should be. I have the utmost confidence in referring clients to Geekbooks.


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    Managing the Books

    We have been using Geekbooks bookkeeping services since the end of 2017. They have really taken the stress out of managing the books, as no request is too small or too big. They are quick, efficient and professional and my business would not be in the position it is in now if I didn’t have them backing me every single step of the way. Weekly payroll is now a stress free day for me as all I need to do is send a report of hours worked for employees and they calculate the rest. Never been so stress and hassle free in my life since when I signed up with Geekbooks.

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