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    Geekbooks Security and Privacy Policy

    What do I need to know about security and privacy at GeekBooks?

    As a user of our online systems you may be concerned about our security systems and how we handle your confidential information, like your transaction history and deposit details, and the privacy of this information. However, do be assured that at GeekBooks our interest in the security of our customers’ privacy and confidential information is paramount. This Policy will go on to describe the methods of how we adhere to this paramount interest.

    As the world is ever-changing and constantly moving forward technology is becoming more advanced and with this advancement we too at GeekBooks want to become more technologically advanced as this will allow you, as our customer, to have the best interaction with us. However, in saying this we note that due to these advancement desires this Security and Privacy Policy may be subject to change and we ask you to review this document regularly for such changes.

    This Statement does apply to this website operated by Zero Bookkeeping Services Pty Ltd (trading as ‘GeekBooks’) (ACN 604 336 923) under the domain name “” (GeekBooks website).

    How does GeekBooks secure my personal information?

    At GeekBooks the security of your personal information is paramount and we take all reasonable steps to preserve this information.

    GeekBooks currently uses a 120 Bit encryption.

    GeekBooks, frequently updates or reviews upcoming security and encryption systems. However, no transmission of data over the internet is entirely safe but be assured that we at GeekBooks do take every necessary step to attempt to ensure the security of your information. However, we cannot guarantee such and any information you transmit to us or forward to us by our online transmission mechanisms you do so at your own risk. Once we receive this transmitted information in our own systems we take necessary or reasonable steps to secure your information.

    GeekBooks is not currently aware of any issues its website is experiencing which may affect the security of transmissions.

    In the event that GeekBooks engages a third party to complete and or assist in the completion of services these third parties of GeekBooks are subject to this Security and Privacy Policy.

    What is the effect of browser security?

    It is very important that you regularly update your web browser. It is equally as important that you update your computer software.

    At GeekBooks, its online website and entailed services is compatible on any web browser. It this sense is very important that you have the latest versions of these systems as that may reduce the risk of potential security breaches.

    It has been proven that some older browsers are out-of-date and at a higher risk of security breaches. It is for this reason we construct this advice. Further, it is likely that research on web browsers and their features may assist in preventing security breaches, it is for this reason that we encourage you to research these web browsers and make an informed choice.

    If you are using an old system that you are unable to update or are worried about transmitting your information online please call us on 1800 999 4335 so we can attempt to resolve any issues you may be experiencing.

    How does GeekBooks use emails?

    All of our emails, inbound and outbound, are monitored (unless the contrary is explicitly stated) and we will store these emails pursuant to our legal obligations.

    What do we do with your collected information?

    Some areas of our website will only collect information such as the timing of your visit and what you viewed, whereas other parts of our website will collect the information you enter.

    In addition to this the GeekBooks website may use your viewed content on the GeekBooks website for remarketing purposes.

    This is intended to made advertisements about the GeekBooks website more relevant for visitors. Visitors to this website may choose to opt out of this simply by altering their settings on their web browser.

    Further to this we will complete the services required from us with your provided information.

    Does GeekBooks use ‘cookies’?

    We at GeekBooks, use ‘cookies’ to make your visit to our website more efficient. The use of ‘cookies’ allows you to save time by not having to complete some information again.

    You can configure your browser to reject ‘cookies’ if a system like such is not appealing to you.

    Does GeekBooks use ‘cookies’? How do we use the information we collect from you?

    Any all information we obtain whether by email, our website or cookies is handled in accordance with this Security and Privacy Policy.

    How do I accept your Security and Privacy Policy?

    By using this website you acknowledge and accept this Privacy and Security Statement, you also acknowledge that GeekBooks may from time to time amend this policy as it sees fit.

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