How to have a productive relationship with your bookkeeper

One of the less desirable responsibilities a business owner has is bookkeeping. Although cloud-based accounting is a great help, nothing beats having an effective bookkeeper by your side. Hence, as a business owner, it is imperative you have a productive relationship with your bookkeeper.

With a first-hand view of the company’s state of accounting, they can be your beacons to alert you to a rocky road ahead or the reason to pop your champagne! In this post, we’ll share some tips on you can create a productive working relationship with your bookkeeper.

1. It’s a two-way relationship

An important pillar of this two-way relationship is both parties’ preparedness and willingness to listen and be listened to. After all, you’re both on the same side. Acknowledge each other’s expertise and experience from the onset. Recognise that both parties want to make the relationship work.

2. Are you both made for each other?

Indeed, experience and expertise alone aren’t sufficient to make the relationship work. Do you both share similar business philosophies? Sales at all cost may not be your ‘calling’. You might prefer investing in a longer-term relationship with customers. This takes time and money. Your bookkeeper should know this from the start.

3. Will they grow with you?

In a changing business world, new knowledge and technologies are emerging all the time. As a business owner, you are likely to keep abreast of new developments and embrace the relevant changes. And you’ll probably need your ‘team’ to do likewise. Is your bookkeeper a lielong learner too?

4. Are they committed to your business?

A good indicator of their commitment is the continuous development of their professional skills. If they are constantly keeping themselves updated with new knowledge and technology, you’re probably in safe hands. Complacency is the silent killer of business relationships. Keep a lookout for this in your bookkeeper.

An effective bookkeeper does more than just keeping the books in order. As gatekeepers of accounting and financial data, they are your first port of call to check on the business well-being. To have that productive relationship, get in touch today!


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